Volvo Ocean Race

Nov 7, 2017

The Volvo Ocean Race; the worlds most famous sailing competition. A race of 9 months, were 7 different teams with the same boats compete in different legs. A huge international sporting event with 11 stop-overs in the biggest cities in the world.

As of the end of 2016, AXIS International started with the first concepts for the Volvo Ocean Race; from design to 3D visuals until production drawings. In close cooperation with FABER Audiovisuals and LENN, several Race Village Experience constructions are developed and produced.

The challenge within the Volvo Ocean Race is mainly the quick sailing boats compared to the slower container ships. Due to this, 2 sets are being produced with products that won’t take to much volume in the containers, are quick to set up and break down and are compatible/allowed in all the stop-over countries.

AXIS supplied several Wayfinding Towers, Arrival Stages and FOH Domes. Within those constructions, several special items were integrated, like: special waterbags, LED screens with brackets and crates developed by AXIS, LED tubes, kickplates and special boardings.