PGA European Tour 2019

Oct 21, 2019

For the well known PGA (Professional Golfers Association) AXIS helped their client Creative Technology with realising a great idea into a real high-end product.

A question arose from the PGA to come up with a new solution for their old LED trailer that was used the last couple of years. The construction had to be turn-key and changeable per golf course. AXIS developed a set of which they can build 4 types of LED towers. Depending on the wishes of the golf course and their sponsors, they can change the size of the structure and the corresponding LED screens. 2 sets are touring across Europe to provide the European Tour with high-end LED towers.

Besides this, AXIS also trained the touring crew of Creative Technology so they can, stand-alone, build and break all of the structures.

All in all, AXIS was responsible for the engineering of the towers, the logistical challenges (volumewise the set shouldn’t be too big, therefore AXIS came up and built waterbags), the supply of materials and so the training of the crew.