Project management

Clear communication is essential for having a smooth production. Not only when it comes to contacting clients, but especially with other parties that make us of a construction. Several years of international experience and a strong focus on projects enable AXIS to support any event to the max.

Client and third parties will be informed during the entire process: from design and realisation to after sales and evaluation. All designs and further progress shall first be shared with all who are involved in the trajectory. Next, the outcome of all constructive and technical calculations will be communicated with all parties involved, thus providing a clear and detailed construction plan. Comparing all planning before construction starts will smoothen communication and cooperation between all parties on location.

AXIS staff can be present for the duration of the event to adapt last minute alterations and assist when unforeseen problems occur. It is in AXIS’ intentions to have a solid evaluation with all parties involved after the wrap-up of the event, and to look for possible points of improvement.


AXIS is able to transform wild ideas into smooth, functional designs. From a simple design of a scaffolding construction to a turn-key mainstage with banners, decoration or a fully designed LED solution.


When a wild idea is turned into a design, all requirements have to be taken into account. Constructions are being engineered by AXIS on the basis of the latest requirements and norms.

Project management

Good management is the base of a smooth production. Due to many years of experience, AXIS is able to smoothen productions by clear communication and efficient planning. During the preparations, execution as well as the evaluation. 


Safety, collaboration, communication and responsibility are taken into account during the realisation of every project. In this way, every event will be supplied with the desired and best construction.