The construction of each final design will be worked out in full detail. AXIS takes care of the technical design, in which all elements and bodies attached to the construction will be integrated and mapped. An independent, external construction company will then calculate the entire omposition. This calculation is always based on the most recent data and standards.

These construction calculations will also contain all technical input such as lighting, sound, décor and video usage and will be shared with customers. By doing this, all plans and workflow will be clear and transparent to both client and the external bureau of examination, making all information about the design and the construction known.

If a design still needs modification, AXIS offers flexibility to bring new calculations in order to adjust the construction.


AXIS is able to transform wild ideas into smooth, functional designs. From a simple design of a scaffolding construction to a turn-key mainstage with banners, decoration or a fully designed LED solution.


When a wild idea is turned into a design, all requirements have to be taken into account. Constructions are being engineered by AXIS on the basis of the latest requirements and norms.

Project management

Good management is the base of a smooth production. Due to many years of experience, AXIS is able to smoothen productions by clear communication and efficient planning. During the preparations, execution as well as the evaluation. 


Safety, collaboration, communication and responsibility are taken into account during the realisation of every project. In this way, every event will be supplied with the desired and best construction.